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Frequently Asked Questions

faq Reputation of the Company
  • 1. Surgery & Holiday is a registered Tunisian company (Est. 2006 ) in Italia.
  • 2. Surgery & Holiday spearheaded the medical tourism industry in Tunisia with top quality medical staff, extensive after care, follow up and professional service.
  • 3.The Internet is used as a sound communication platform by both our clients and surgeons providing reflective time and the opportunity to ask questions needed to make a truly informed choice.
  • faq The quality of the surgeons
  • 1. The only surgeons we use in Tunisia are qualified and registered medical doctors and specialists.
  • 2. We have chosen to work only with a select group of top surgeons who have successful private practices and adhere to high standards and respectable ethics.
  • 3. These surgeons pride themselves on the quality of their work. They take the time to be sure that you are comfortable with your choice and ensure that your expectations are realistic.
  • 4. They will not perform procedures if they feel you would be compromised in anyway from a health or medical point of view.
  • faq Quality Vs Cost
  • 1. The quality of the skills and services we offer is amongst the very best in the world.
  • 2. Our pricing is competitive because of favourable exchange rates, however service and professionalism always come first.
  • 3. Our Key success factors are our medical evaluation standards and our feedback systems
  • 4. The Medical tourism industry suffers from poor standards, often undercutting the quality of the medical service to obtain a lower price.
  • 5. Beware of cheap alternatives - You will soon forget the cost of your surgery but will live with the results forever.
  • faq Informed Choice - Questions you need to ask yourself
  • 1. Are you able to use extended forms of communication like Email, Telephone, web conference and communicate with past clients ?
  • 2. Have you asked yourself questions? Are you aware of your own fears and concerns ?
  • 3. Do you feel the surgeon has addressed your questions appropriately ?
  • 4. Has your communication been open and honest ?
  • 5. Are your expectations realistic ?
  • 6. Are you aware of all the benefits and risks involved ?
  • faq Accommodation & After care
  • 1. All clients have a personal assistant who accompanies them to all their medical appointments, stays with them on the day of surgery, calls family and friends back home once surgery is done.
  • 2. We visit and call our clients daily during their 7 – 11 day stay, ensuring that all their emotional and post operative needs are addressed – We take care.
  • 3. We assist all our clients with suitable activities during their recuperation.
  • 4. Clients will have 2 – 3 post operative consultation with their surgeon and have all removable stitches etc removed before leaving Tunisia.
  • faq Follow up once back home
  • 1. To ensure that our clients are on the right road to recovery, they are required to stay in their town of surgery for an appropriate period of time..
  • 2. We ask that all our clients keep in touch with us once back home because their continued healing process is important to us
  • 3. We use email as an effect information and follow up system.
  • 4. If any complication arises we will evaluate the situation and deal with it accordingly. In the unlikely event that any further surgery will be required, a return visit will be necessary.
  • faq If something goes wrong
  • 1. To make an informed choice, we would like you to ask questions and understand the risk involved with elective procedures.
  • 2. All clients are admitted as private patients in a fully registered private hospital where their procedure is performed in a technologically advanced operating room with qualified operating room staff.
  • 3. We ensure that all clients stay in hospital, where they have 24 hour nursing together with the necessary medical attention for 24 – 48 hours. If there is going to be any medical complication it will arise in this time period.
  • 4. We require our clients to stay in the city of surgery for a period of time in order to ensure they have adequate post-operative consultation with their surgeon, making sure they are medically healed before they leave.
  • faq Insurance
  • 1. There is no insurer who will cover elective surgery or any possible medical complication arising from an elective procedure.
  • 2. We do however advise that you take out regular comprehensive travel insurance when you buy your airline ticket.
  • 3. For medical procedures we advise you to obtain authorisation from your medical insurance before travelling. We will be glad to forward medical codes needed for procedures.
  • 4. We only use surgeons who have adequate Tunisian Medical insurance and the necessary malpractice coverage.
  • faq Blood Transfusion and HIV AIDS
  • 1. Due to HIV / AIDS, additional precautions are taken and we can assure you all blood used is tested following international standards.
  • 2. The chance of receiving contaminated blood in Tunisia is no greater than anywhere else in the world, including the USA and UK, which use international standards for testing blood.
  • 3. Tunisian blood donors are not paid to donate their blood.