Surgery and Holiday DOES NOT ONLY ENSURE QUALITY AND SAFETY BUT IT ALSO provide guarantees to contract: surgeons, anesthesiologists, service,assistance, comfort, facilities, prostheses and surgical materials that are always and exclusively on top of the excellence, AND THEN  WHY are the prices so advantageous?

It is as simple as this:

  • The favorable exchange rate of the Pound against the Tunisian dinar (one Pound is MORE than double of the Tunisian dinar)
  • Taxes that the Tunisian state applies to the health sector are determined by low cost of hospitalization for the client.
  •  The tax does not apply to foreign customers.
  • The tax burden is much lower than the British one; it is almost the half.
  • The cost of living is much lower than the British one.
  • Surgery and Holiday offers a high number of interventions with the advantage of getting the most beneficial cost without affecting the quality of the services or the security of the patient but tries to improve and enhance all services (operating room, the surgeon fees, anesthetist etc .).
  • What is most important is that British surgeons claim excessive fees for their work comparing to their Tunisian colleagues WHO HAVE HAD THE SAME TRAINING AT THE BIGGEST FRENCH SCHOOLS.

---> For these reasons one cannot explain the advantageous price with the poor quality of services, the lack of security and the use of inferior materials. The high cost does not mean a good guarantee! This is confirmed by numerous reports of surgical errors caused by British surgeons despite the high prices charged.


Why say “yes” to Surgery and holiday?


  •  Can the distance be a problem or an obstacle?

The geographic location of Tunisia on the southern shore of the Mediterranean in less than 3 hours flying time from London confirms that  there are no problems with distances.

  •  In case of late complication after your return to London, is there enough flights' connecting London to Tunisia during the day or  the week?

Yes Tunisia is connected to Britain with at least one flight per day.

  •  Have I communication, mentality or gastronomic problems in Tunisia?

There is no problem of thinking or communication between British and Tunisian people. Some Tunisians speak English as a second language The favorite dishes for Tunisians are pasta, couscous and the Pizza. 

  • Is it hot in Tunisia?

The climate of Tunisia is moderate, hot and long summers with middle winters.

  • Are hospitals reliable?

The private hospitals are equipped with latest technologies and modern facilities, all acquired from the first commercial partners of Tunisia which are France, Italy, Germany, Japan and the USA. In Tunisia There are more than 80 clinics at the highest level that have nothing to envy to the clinics in Europe and after the revolution, the government is encouraging more and more foreign investment especially Japan to invest  in large hospitals OFF SHORE especially for European customers, and this confirms more and more that Tunisia challenges a great growth in the Mediterranean and in the health sector in particular.

  • What kind of training do Tunisian surgeons and anesthetists have?  Can we trust them?

Our surgeons are all trained and qualified in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in France in the best graduate schools with famous professors in the field of cosmetic surgery. They have a minimum experience of 10 years in private, and have never had any problems of malpractice neither in the past nor in the present. Anesthesiologists as well are all trained in France and all are equipped with professional insurance COMAR, GENERAL INSURANCE.

  • What kind of materials and implants are used in Tunisia? Are they of second choice?

 The materials used in Tunisia are the same as those used in the UK and Europe with the same standards; certification of  origin and warranty, as brands and suppliers  are often the same as in the UK. The only thing that differs is that Tunisia does not apply VAT and major taxes are cut as far as importation for the health field is concerned this justifies the advantageous cost of silicone gels’ implants in our country. The same brands that are used in Tunisia are used in the UK.

  • We often hear and read in the media that standards of hygiene are lower than the British one, isn’t?

Cleaning in Tunisian private hospitals and polyclinics is under different disciplines that offer a high level of rigor gene since it is operating in these structures, the risk of such open-heart! And all are equipped with the intensive care unit and emergency rooms.


  • How can i trust Surgery & Holiday, are there any guarantees in case of  complication or bad information? If yes what are the warranties?

 No doubt that we put everything in written to avoid misunderstanding and false promises in order to protect your rights. This would be for the benefit of all. But we must start from a very clear point that in medicine there is no obligation of result, but there the requirement of the method.


 Surgery & Holiday assumes in written full responsibility to provide you with the necessary information and transparency on the quality of the eventual results. «WE DO NOT TOLERATE FALSE PROMISES» Our patient can feel safe for any complication that would occur during the convalescence stay in Tunisia or after his return to the UK, Surgery & Holiday takes in charge all the expenses.


For some interventions we offer more guarantees for example Breast augmentation. Indeed, in the case of encapsulation of the implant, rejection of the implant or the nipple is not central, or a problem with the asymmetry of the breasts, though these reasons do not depend on the surgeon and even if the surgeon has not been clear to clarify what are the things that can prevent a good result, Surgery & Holiday will give you the FREE TOUCH INCLUDING YOUR FLIGHT AND YOUR STAY AT THE HOTEL AND THE CLINIC YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ALMOST ANYTHING. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES TO OFFER THESE WARRANTIES. 


 In some cases, in order to obtain a good result, it will be necessary to retouch the first intervention; this will be specified and highlighted during the consultation with the surgeon in Tunisia. Retouching will be at the expense of the customer. In case where the surgeon does not inform of such a probability, Surgery and holidays ensures all: the flight, accommodation, and the cost of the surgery.


 For the safety of our patients and during the first 24/72 hours post- surgery (depending on the type of surgery and the patient's condition), the patient will be in the hospital under a medical and Para-medical control 24/24 hours for any emergency, and after which, the post operative stay (varying period depending on the intervention) client will be transferred to a hotel close to the clinic in order to ensure a continuous and secure assistance. In case the patient, for any eventual reason, was obliged to stay longer in Tunisia, all medical expenses, flight, transfer, assistance will be GUARANTEED by Surgery & Holiday and even then we are the only ones who offer such guarantees.


In case of a late complication (e.g. internal infection) that needs to re-open surgery (not for simple external infections near the stitches, for which just contact your family doctor), Surgery & Holiday  Guarantee THE FLIGHT, THE HOTEL AND CLINIC STAY, TRANSFERS, ASSITANCE, TOUCH AND MEDECINES,  ALL AT ITS EXPENSES: also in that we are unique !


 Our patients will be able to rely on the professionalism of an English/French assistant that will ensure a good translation of the English language of the patient and the French language of surgeon and paramedical staff, to avoid any kind of error or misunderstanding during your stay, who also will take care of everything transfers by private car, formalities, and the management of free time during the period of convalescence. The team of professionals is selected with the utmost care. We are  proud of being the only one with an experience in the tourism for more Than 22 Years in 5 different continents and nine years in the aesthetic tourism.


We are leaders in Italy and the first to have started on this path since 2004, as evidenced by national and international media written and audiovisual confirms our leadership in Italy and the excellent quality of our organization and the excellence of our services. Meanwhile, nine years have already passed and we never had any late complication not resolved promptly.


WHY YES to Surgery & Holiday!