Surgery & Holidays is among the fewest agencies which provide their customers with written garantees



Surgery & holiday guarantees you an excellent and very strict selection of surgeons and anesthetists all with a specialization in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery with a minimum of 10 years of experience and recognized in the order of doctors. Clinics are equipped with machinery and material-edge technology which guarantee professionalism and safety with a maximum of comfort, altogether with emergency rooms as highly equipped as those in Europe.

Assistance is attentive to the single detail in each check, visit and transfers. You have” A FRIEND ABROAD”, with English mother tongue.

The hotels’structure can offer you the relaxation you need after a surgery.


Surgery & Holiday  will guarantee all investigations, analysis, and medical analysis needed in Tunisia in order not to neglect anything and ensure maximum safety. Surgeons and anesthesiologists may refuse to carry out an intervention or a request of a patient in order not to damage his health. Surgery & holiday will guarantee the choice of prosthesis (Brand, specific characteristics, the prosthesis with the origin certification, serial code, warranty and only latest generation brands approved by the European Community: ALLERGAN, EURSILICONE, CEREFORM, MENTOR, SEBBIN, SILIMED.


There are some interventions which offer more guarantees for example Breast augmentation. Indeed, in the case of encapsulation of the implant, rejection of the implant or the nipple is not central, or a problem with the asymmetry of the breasts, though these reasons do not depend on the surgeon and even if the surgeon has not been clear to clarify what are the things that can prevent a good result, Surgery & Holiday will give you the FREE TOUCH INCLUDING YOUR FLIGHT AND YOUR STAY AT THE HOTEL AND THE CLINIC YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ALMOST ANYTHING.WE ARE THE ONLY ONES TO OFFER THESE WARRANTIES. 


In some cases, in order to obtain a good result, it will be necessary to retouch the first intervention, this will be specified and highlighted during the consultation with the surgeon in Tunisia. Retouching will be at the expense of the customer. In case  where the surgeon does not inform of such a probability, Surgery and holiday ensures  all: the flight, accommodation, the cost of the surgery.


For the safety of our patients and during the first 24/72 hours post- surgery (depending on the type of surgery and the patient's condition), the patient will be in the hospital under a medical and Para-medical control 24/24 hours for any emergency, and after which, the post operative stay (varying period depending on the intervention) client will be transferred to a hotel close to the clinic in order to ensure a continuous and secure assistance. In case the patient, for any eventual reason, was obliged to stay longer in Tunisia, all medical expenses, flight, transfer, assistance will be GUARANTEED by Surgery & Holiday and even then we are the only ones who offer such guarantees.


In the case of a late complication (eg. internal infection) that needs to re-open surgery (not for simple external infections near the stitches, for which just contact your family doctor), Surgery and Holiday  Guarantee THE FLIGHT, THE HOTEL AND CLINIC STAY, TRANSFERS, ASSITANCE, TOUCH AND MEDECINES,  ALL AT OUR EXPENSES: also in that we are unique !


Our post-operative care (after going back home) lasts up to 12 months. Any information, question, or medical consultation with the surgeon in video conferencing is FREE OF CHARGE.


In case of a proved medical malpractice a medical examination must be conducted by a third party. If this party fails to answer the requirements of the patient, then the later can resort to the Tunisian court since the surgery will have taken place in Tunisia. Our guarantee is to offer the utmost professionalism and the excellent preparation of the medical and paramedical staff.


We strongly advise you to consult a plastic surgeon in the United Kingdom and maybe more than one in order to compare the diagnosis and answers and better evaluate and mature the decision calmly. Since it is an important decision we kindly ask you to check and understand every single information in order to make the right choice and we will always be ready to clarify all the ambiguities in a transparent and simple way. All this would be put down in written.



* Carefully read the consent form.

* Read the information on the procedure before any payment.

* Check other sources about the complications, risks and future results.

Cosmetic surgery is a tool to improve the appearance not to change appearance or to strive for the perfection, in fact the result of an intervervention depends not only on the work of the surgeon, but also on the ability of physiological response of each organism, from the healthy life-style that the patient should take as well as the application of serious indications for post-operative period.

This is the best evidence of what we have promised as WARRANTIES and everything written above. We have been working since 2004 on the Italian market and we have never had any complication problem which was not resolved promptly even in case of  an unexpected bad health. The above mentioned problems are really the interest of media and we all know how much and how sensitive this area is to make news for journalists, Surgery & holiday has proven none of these as media wrote and talked about us, this confirms our organizational sens and reliability and this is a great acknowledgment for the professionalism of our work.


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