Surgery & Holiday’s Information Department receives the patients ‘requests made through our website or by phone. Our consultants are trained to answer general questions about the procedures and conditions of services. If the patient has questions about medical issues, the consultant will forward them to the surgeon specialist and then will be back with the right answer to the patient.


The amount fixed initially by Surgery & Holiday is an estimate. The final quote will be confirmed by the consultants. It is important to note that the first estimate may be slightly changed after the surgeon’s assessment.

All exchanges of information between the patient and Surgery & Holiday‘s Information Department are free and do not represent any commitment between the patient and Surgery & Holiday.


The estimate of a standard medical trip includes: Fees of the medical team, medical pre-consultation, hospital stay, medical assistance, drugs. The hotel stay is optional. The patient is free to book the hotel with Surgery & Holiday or take only the intervention package. Assistance and transfers are exclusive to the intervention (airport/hotel/clinic/hotel/airport).

The above services could vary according to the package chosen by each patient. All services are mentioned in the personalized quote.

The basic estimate does not include:

  • Your flight ticket.
  • Any other services not specified in the quote. The proposed hotels ‘rates vary according to dates and suppliers (low - medium and high season). The tourist part is payable in advance by bank transfer.



4. Booking

Confirmation will take place 15 days after receipt of the personalized quote, period for reflection and consultation with other specialists, by sending the Form of Acceptance of the quotation. Upon receipt of this form of acceptance, an e-mail of confirmation with the dates, and the consent form, will be sent to the patient.
Only the payment of the hotel stay and transfers will be paid in the UK, 72 hours after the confirmation of the quote. The second payment bracket, which includes the pre-consultation, the medical stay, the intervention and drugs, will only be paid in Tunisia, after having met the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and after having signed the mutual consent.  This Payment bracket  could be done by bank transfer, certified check or cash.

5. before the trip

The consultants of Surgery & Holiday’s Information Department will be responsible for planning the medical trip. The consultants will require from the patient his medical history and other information to determine if he is fit to undergo the required process.

All medical information provided by the patient will be assessed by Surgery & Holiday’s Medical Department, which will authorize the person concerned to undergo the intervention desired. In addition, Surgery & Holiday’s Medical Department reserves the right to request additional medical information to both the patient and his personal doctor.

The patient shall have the right to keep his sensitive dates and medical information provided in accordance with the current policy of privacy.

6. Planning of the medical package

The detailed plan of the medical trip can be altered. Some procedures cannot be performed together.

All the required procedures may be subject to change based on the diagnosis and assessment of the medical team.

7. Pre-existing Pathologies

Patients with pre-existing Pathologies will have to make an additional deposit, which will eventually be used in order to undergo examinations and specific therapies or targeted assistance to his condition.

The deposit will be refunded to the patient if this latter will have not used these necessary additional services.

8. Unexpected complications

In case preoperative tests reveal pathologies incompatible with the intervention, of which the patient is not aware:

A) The patient will be informed of these diseases and the possible consequences that the intervention might cause.

B) The patient will have to pay a deposit (apart from the pack), which will only be used for specific analysis or for hiring specialized medical personnel dedicated to him.

C) The deposit will be refunded to the patient if it won’t be necessary to use it for his pre-existing illness.

Surgery & Holiday, and all the medical team, will not perform a procedure that could have hazardous effects on the health of the patient without first taking all the necessary precautions.


Surgery & Holiday‘s Information Department will confirm, by e-mail, the dates of consultation with the surgeon and the treatment required. The patient should make the medical bracket payment when he first meets with the surgeon during the pre-consultation and after having visited the clinic and signed the mutual consent in Tunisia


The patient will land at the International Airport of Tunis Carthage. An assistant will receive the patient at the airport and take him/her to the hotel, where you will spend the night. The patient will receive a folder with the detailed scheduled  trip, as well as a detailed documentation about the procedures that he/she will have  to undergo, and must be signed prior to treatment.

Surgery & Holiday offers Assistants who are not exclusive for each patient; they are assigned and based on availability. An assistant at the airport welcomes the patient; another may assist him for medical consultation.


The date and time of the intervention will be confirmed after the pre-surgical consultation. If during the pre consultation the Medical Team of Surgery & Holiday finds that further analysis and procedures should be done for the safety of the patient, this latter will be informed and a new quote will be prepared for him by Surgery & Holiday’s Information Department.

Before surgery, the patient must sign a document certifying that he is aware of the inherent risks and possible complications that may arise during the surgical process.


 After surgery, the doctor will set up visits after surgery and informs the patient of the specific safety precautions when returning home.


 On the departure day the patient will be accompanied to the airport by an assistant of surgery & Holiday.


 The consultants of Surgery & Holiday shall contact the patient in the days after his departure, to check his health, condition and its course if necessary.


Cancellation of services before traveling

Tourist package cancellation:

· 0% of the quote 03 days prior to the date agreed upon (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

· Only 2 nights at the hotel will be paid for a cancellation done in a period less than 3 days prior to the date agreed upon.

Cancellation of services once in Tunisia

Surgery cancellation:

· If once there and in case the patient decides not to do the surgery, he is exempted of penalties, however, he should only pay for the nights booked at the clinic (2 or 3 nights depending on the intervention).


If the patient must postpone the trip due to personal reasons after he had already paid the deposit, he may require the rescheduling of a new medical agenda. The balance will be maintained by Surgery & Holiday and considered as a down payment in favor of the patient. The reallocation of the date is open.


 In case of a surgical malpractice proved by a plastic surgeon, the patient will have to provide us with the written and signed report of the English plastic surgeon consulted.

If the Tunisian surgeon does not confirm the medical malpractice he has committed a third party will be asked to assess the damage.

In case where the patient does not approve of this third party's judgment, then the patient can resort only to the Tunisian court, simply because the surgery has taken place in Tunisia.

Our guarantee is to offer the utmost professionalism and excellent preparation of the medical staff and paramedics, surgeons specialized in plastic surgery with extensive experience in their specialty, and clinical structures to the forefront , which guarantee all types of emergencies and our experience of coordination and organization to provide SAFETY, PROFESSIONALISM, EXCELLENCE AND MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. THE SUCCESS OF OUR AGENCY, 8 YEARS OF SUCCESS, IS CONFIRMED BY THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PRESS.


  • Cosmetic surgery is a tool to improve one aspect, but cannot change any aspect to perfection.
  • The result of an intervention depends not only on the surgeon's work, but also on the physiological anatomy and reactions specific to of each body as well as to his living style and the serious postoperative prescriptions indicated.
  • In some cases, the result of an intervention may not be final until after 12 months, the result may vary from one organism to another.
  • It is advisable to consult a surgeon in the United Kingdom before confirming the quote.
  • Read carefully the consent model
  • Read the information related to the procedure before any payment
  • Check with other sources about the complications, risks and future results.
  • In some cases, in order to obtain a good result it will be necessary to make a touch at your expense; this will be specified during pre-consultation with the surgeon in Tunisia. In case the surgeon did not   inform the patient of such a probability, Surgery & Holiday ensures the flight a, the Hotel and clinic stays, the surgeon and the cost of the surgery.