The choice of quality and good service with carefull attention to the minimum detail  are the basis of the product that we offer, this imposes a careful selection of surgical cooperation. The resume of our surgeons posted below confirm this philosophy.  


Each entry in the registers of doctors is under specialities. Both the university training achieved in Europe and the experience made ​​abroad, will increase the trust in professionals who develop their skills with the use of increasingly sophisticated and advanced technologies.



Guide to choose a surgeon


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Dr. Larbi Kamel Body, breasts and  hair transplant CV


 It 'very important to make a good choice in the selection of surgeons who can best respond to your request. Below is a guide that will assist you in your search:.

 The choice of the surgeon

 Seclecting the right surgeon is not a simple and easy matter. Indeed, this selection depends on various characteristics including professionalism and high quality training. What distinguishes our surgeons is the fact that most of them have received their training in European universities and they have acquired a significant experience in plastic surgery which can be expressed in the number of surgeries they perform on a daily basis (2/3 per day). Our surgeons have also a unique and high ability to consider each case particularly and respond to each patient's particular exigency. This is why, although they are qualified enough to perform any kind of surgery, we prefer that each performs only the surgical procedure he is most skillful in. Another more important feature which makes you trust our surgeons' professionalism is that the history of their career is free of judicial penalties imposed upon a proved medical malpractice. All these aspects can help you trust our surgeons.


It is important to note that the competitive prices we offer do not necessarily imply low-quality services since our surgeons have acquired the same training as those in Europe. Rather, these competitive prices are the result of other economic factors which are explained later (see page RATES).