We only use equipment from the following companies: EUROSILICONE, SILIMED, CEREFORM, SEBIN and ALLERGAN. The implants in cohesive gel have high quality and innovative technology; they are also the most expensive on the market.  The choice of size and implants as well as the surgical technique are defined as a result of a thorough examination performed on each patient. The implants are certified to life with written warranty.

It is necessary to carefully choose the type of prosthesis to be implanted, in order to avoid the need for a new surgical repair intervention within the next five years. In addition, a careful selection of the implant prevents the most feared post-operative complications; capsular contracture as the risk of rupture of breast implants:

  •   Capsular contracture

 Capsular contracture is a result of a foreign body reaction; it is a response of the immune system to foreign materials in the human body. Medically, it occurs mostly in context of the complications from breast implants and artificial joint prosthetics. The occurrence of capsular contraction follows the formation of capsules of tightly-woven collagen fibers, created by the immune response to the presence of foreign objects surgically installed to the human body, e.g. breast implants, artificial pacemakers, orthopedic prostheses; biological protection by isolation and toleration. Capsular contracture occurs when the collagen-fiber capsule tightens and squeezes the breast implant; as such, it is a medical complication that can be very painful and discomforting, and might distort the aesthetics of the breast implant and the breast. Although the cause of capsular contracture is unknown, factors common to its incidence include bacterial contamination, rupture of the breast-implant shell, leakage of the silicone-gel filling, and hematoma.    

  •   Breakage / losses

 One study attempted to correlate the generation implant to the frequency of breakage, reporting 95% of the cases for hearing of an old design, made until the mid-90s, and only 3.2% for the new generation implants.

It is noticeable how aesthetic prostheses of high quality, made by the most important manufacturers, have prices that vary between 800 and 1200 Euros. These products are of exceptional quality, and practically guaranteed for life.