This guide allows you to clearly consider the steps from your first request for information until you return home. Furthermore, please read this guide carefully and fill out the forms necessary for each step.




Before surgery, you will be able to receive a primary free indicative estimate with no obligation on your part. For this you will be asked to complete and submit the application form with all necessary personal and medical information. We will then send you the estimate within 48 hours.
Only motivated applications with accompanying photos will be taken into account and considered by our surgeons.

Notes : All information provided will remain strictly confidential. The estimate is free and without obligation on your part.


In order for you to receive a second more detailed estimate, you will be asked to send us three photos featuring the the bodily areas that are subject to surgery. The photos should be in color. Concerning the nose, the breasts and the face, we need to have three photos describing the patient's face, profile, and a third focusing on the buttom-up part. For the eyes, the ears and the abdomen the patient will be asked to provide three photos describing the face, the profile and the back. These photos will help the surgeon assess your case. We will also send you the names and all necessary information about the attending surgeon.
It is better to send the form and photos electronically by email to the following address:

Or at the following address:

Gan Travel 
14, Rue Imen Abou Hanifa,
B4, 2nd Floor,
La Marsa  - 2078

All this information is very important to allow the surgeon to establish a suitable medical diagnostic.


Upon receipt of the deatiled estimate it is preferable that the patient takes all the necessary time to reflect on the matter (15 days). In case of deciding the patient should confirm at least 10 days before the date of the surgery so that we can have all the necessary time to organize his visit. The patient will also receive a copie of the mutual consent document to study. This document will be signed only when the patient arrives and shows an absolute satisfaction of the services we offer. This period of reflection helps the patient consult another local surgeon to acquire a more developed idea.
During this period of reflection, we will always remain at your disposal for any further information. We are also willing to organize a videoconferencing with the surgeon which will be a free pre-consultaion and with no commitment of you.Do not hesitate to contact us. This will help you get acquainted with him and get replies to any questions you might still ask.


Once decided and satisfied by your choice, you are asked to confirm your reservation by returning the reservation form filled. What distinguish the service we offer is that the patient is willing to suggest the date in which he wishes to undergo the surgery. This proposal will be studied by our team which we will try to respect.

Upon receipt of the booking form you will receive:

  • A detailed schedule of your stay
  • Your appointment with the surgeon
  • Your appointment for the operation


  • The personalized estimate may be confirmed 15 days after receipt; this is the estimated time for reflection, where  a possible consultation with another specialist in the same field in your country is possible.
  • After sending the acceptance form of the quote, send us an e-mail confirming the dates and containing the consent model, which must be signed in Tunisia after meeting the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and visit the polyclinic.
    72 hours after confirmation, the patient has to pay for hotel stay and the transfers through bank transfer. The patient is required then to send us a copy of the bank transfer by fax or by e-mail.
  • If the patient chooses to cooperate with us only in terms of the surgical procedures only, then he will be ale to make all necessary payment upon arrival after having developped a clear idea and full satisfaction of all conditions. In this case, the patient can pay either with a certified check, cash, or through bank transfer.
  • Upon receiving confirmation of the dates in a period of 10 days you must send via e-mail the blood tests as requested as well as the results mammagraphy in case of mammaplasty or  of electrogram in case of another kind of surgery.
  • After receiving payment we will send you the program and the Voucher.

Travel documents required: the program, the voucher, the identity card for those who belong to the Schengen area. For those who come from other coutries they need a passport and a visa.
During the meeting with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, you will receive a clear explanation of the procedure, possible complications, risks related to anesthesia, technique, post operative, comprehensive answers to the doubts and perplexity, all in the presence of our translator / assistant. Only after that fundamental meeting, that consent may be signed, which will be the beginning of the clinical procedure in the true sense of the word.


The first sum of the payment (bank transfer) must cover the cost of  the tourist travel (stay, transfers and assistance) 72 hours after confirmation.


 Cancellation of services before traveling

Tourist package cancellation:

·  0% of the quote 03 days prior to the date agreed upon (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

·  Only 2 nights at the hotel will be paid for a cancellation done in a period less than 3 days prior to the date agreed upon.

 Cancellation of services once in Tunisia

 Surgery cancellation:

·  If once there and in case the patient decides not to do the surgery, he is exempted of penalties, however, he should only pay for the nights booked at the clinic (2 or      3 nights depending on the intervention).


 If the patient must postpone the trip due to personal reasons after he had already paid the deposit, he may require the rescheduling of a new medical agenda. The balance will be maintained by Surgery & Holiday and considered as a down payment in favor of the patient. The reallocation of the date is open, no time limit.



Upon arrival to the Tunis Carthage airport, you will be welcomed by a member of the team Surgery & Holiday, who will ensure your transfer to the hotel of your choice. You will enjoy a discreet and efficient service from a qualified staff who speaks your language.
Our representative will answer to all your questions. He will assist you and continue to listen to your requests. At the hotel you can enjoy a relaxing treatment which will help you relax and erase the stress of the travel. 


An appointment with your surgeon is arranged the day after your arrival. A complete medical preoperative check  (blood and eventually cardiological  and radiographic) may be requested before the preoperative consultation. The file thus allows the doctor to check your motivations and expectations and explain the procedures of the intervention.
The preoperative consultation will end with the surrender document of mutual consent, with the confirmation of your initial estimate and settle your bill. The second bracket of payment (the intervention) may be made by either certified check, swift bank transfer or cash.


The operation will take place the day after your preoperative consultation with your surgeon (usually the day after your arrival). The patient should fast since midnight the day of the surgery.

The representative of Surgery & Holiday will accompany you the day of surgery to the clinic to facilitate the admission procedures and hospitality.


A representative of Surgery & Holidays will accompany you to the clinic and to the hotel. The period of the clinic stay ranges from 1 to 3 nights depending on the surgery performed.
Surgery & Holidays will assist you during this recovery period in  the hotel will arrange your consultation with your surgeon after surgery and all necessary care.

Step 9: FOLLOW-UP 

Postoperative assistance depends on the patient's age, medical history and the kind of surgery he undergoes.First aid will be provided within three to six days after surgery.

 A number of medical cares is needed, it is provided at the clinic by the surgeon himself. The 8th week nothing is perfect but the result begins to emerge. It is important to note that during this period a consultation with the surgeon is needed. 

Step 10: RETURN

Surgery & Holiday will ensure your transfer to the airport of Tunis Carthage.
Back home, please keep in touch with Surgery & Holiday or your surgeon by phone or email. Your attitudes and testimonies will always be appreciated and taken into considerartion. 

In case of later complications, Surgery & Holiday undertakes to pay all necessary requirements for another surgery.

In summary:

  • You send us the quote request form
  • You receive a priliminay estimte
  • Send us photos
  • You receive a detailed estimate
  • You receive the booking form
  • You return the booking form
  • You receive confirmation of your reservation and planning your stay with the model of mutual consent.
  • After the meeting with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist in case of your confirmation you sign the consent form mutual