The mini facelift, which is also know as a short scar facelift or an S lift, is a cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin and soft tissues in a person's face so that he/she would be able to enjoy a more youthful appearance .It reduces minor sagging around the cheeks, jawline and neck.

A mini facelift is appropriate for people who are just beginning to experience the first signs of aging. In general, those who opt for this relatively simple “ weekend” facelift are still in their 30s or 40s.

Usually they want to remove minor sagging or drooping around the cheeks, jowls, and neck area. Mini Face Lift is a surgical procedure that can be performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

Incisions can follow the sideburns and hairline so there is no hair loss and no need to change your hairstyle to disguise surgical incisions. And, instead of straight line incisions on the cheek in front of the ear, incisions should follow the natural curves of the ear.

Such incisions heal well, blend easily and do not attract visual attention. Every surgery has some risks. Some of the common risks and potential complications associated with any cosmetic surgery include: Bleeding, Blood clotting, Bruising, Negative reaction to anesthesia, Scarring, Swelling

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