Reductive mastoplasty, popularly known as breast volume reduction, is an operation of plastic/cosmetic surgery that allows the modification of the shape and the size of breasts that are too large and pendulous and to correct breast asymmetry, thus improving the appearance of the body and the sense of self-esteem. The operation of reductive mastoplasty is indicated for  women whose breasts, being too voluminous. Reductive mastoplasty is normally performed under general anaesthesia Small reductive mastoplasty can be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation (which means that you will be awake but relaxed and insensitive to pain). Depending on the extent of the reduction (small, medium, large), the incisions may be made only around the areola or extend vertically down to the submammary sulcus and along the lower fold of the breast (the so-called anchor-shaped or inverted T incision). The reductive mastoplasty operation lasts from 1 hour and a half up to about three hours; it is absolutely painless and ends with a small dressing and the use of a bra. During 48 hours following the operation of reductive mastoplasty you will have to rest up.During the first two days, swelling and ecchymoses may appear around the treated area.Bleeding, infection, keloidal scars and sensibility troubles in the areola and the nipple (especially among smokers) and difficulties in future breast-feeding may rarely occur.Starting from the third day, you will be able to resume your normal life, avoiding, nevertheless, tiring activities, saunas, sweat-baths and sunbathing.After 7-10 days, you will be able to resume work, provided that it is not excessively tiring.Three weeks after the intervention, you will gradually resume all your normal activities..

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