Mastopexy, popularly known as breast-lift, is a very popular operation in cosmetic surgery. Mastopexy allows the lifting and contouring of sagging breasts and the modification of the shape and the size of the areola.

This procedure is addressed to women whose breasts have lost their original shape and volume due to pregnancies, breast-feeding, gravity force and aging process. Mastopexy is normally performed under general anaesthesia and one or two-day hospitalization. Small mastopexy operations can be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation (which means that you will be awake but relaxed and insensitive to pain) and in outpatient care.

Depending on the kind of operation (small, medium, large mastopexy), the incisions may be made only around the areola or extend vertically down to the submammary sulcus and along the lower fold of the breast (the so-called anchor-shaped or inverted T incision). The operation lasts from 1 hour and a half up to about three hours; it is absolutely painless and ends with a small dressing and the use of a bra.

There are no age limits to undergo this kind of surgery, but it is preferable to wait for the complete development of the breasts and to postpone the operation when planning pregnancies, because pregnancy causes the skin to stretch and this might thwart the results achieved. Breast lift can be performed alone or in association with other plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction.

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