Labial reduction surgery also known as labioplasty is a cosmetic procedure that involves reducing the length or overall size of the labia minora of the vagina.Labioplasty reduces the labia minora so that the inner "lips" don’t protrude from the outer "lips" to produce a more aesthetically pleasing look.

The surgery is often carried out under local anaesthetic and / or sedation. The primary goal of labial reduction is to reduce the size of the labia by removing excess skin. In order to accomplish this goal, the surgeon may trim the edges of the labia or he or she may cut out a "V" shaped wedge of the labia so it can be sewn into a natural looking shape and position.

Labioplasty may be carried out using a laser, scalpel, or Iris scissors. The specific method used will depend on the surgeon. The entire procedure takes about one to two hours to complete and some patients must stay overnight in the hospital afterwards.

After the procedure is complete, most women have to wear a panty liner and loose undergarments for about two weeks in order to reduce discomfort and to capture any blood that is lost. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sexual activity for at least six weeks following the surgery.

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with labial reduction surgery including:Adverse reaction to anesthesia, Bleeding, Bruising, Infection, Swelling, Scarring.

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