A breast lifting with implants is a combination of two cosmetic procedures. It aims to both; raise sagging breasts and increase the breasts size. A mastopexy combined with breast augmentation also benefits breast lift patients by keeping breasts firm and perky for many years. Implants are not as affected by gravity as breast tissue, and will maintain their height and shape more easily than natural skin and tissue. The intervention is practiced under a general anesthesia.

Before the breast lift surgery, your doctor will discuss with you the type of incision to make. Whether your doctor uses the anchor-shaped, doughnut, or lollipop incision is dependant on your breast shape and size as well as the doctor’s personal preference After inserting an implant beneath your pectoral muscle or mammary gland, the doctor will finish the breast lift with implants procedure by closing the incision.

Benefits of breast lift with implants surgery : Breast implants will add to the overall breast lift results by increasing your bust size and lifting the breast in one step.Also, many women benefit from the mastopexy with augmentation procedure by prolonging the results of a breast lift. Gravity, pregnancy, and weight loss can all cause your breasts to become droopy, even after breast lift surgery. Implants, however, are not affected by gravity in the same way human breast tissue is. When you undergo breast lift with implants, your breasts will generally remain full and perky for a longer time.




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